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Big Anchovies

Big anchovies necklace in plexiglas, silver mirror colour
SKU: CO0003_S/A
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Contact with nature reactivates primitive instincts, rekindles passions, guides you in search of your own essence.

Big anchovies necklace evokes the power of the sea and the beauty of the creatures that inhabit it.

It is a journey in immersion, intense in the depths and vibrant on the surface.

Big anchovies necklace, silver mirror plexiglas laser cut , is a shoal of fish that flicks in the Mediterranean Sea, it is life full of energy, it is a high performance accessory. A real objet de désir.

Mirror jewellery is essential to reflect light and make you shine like a star. Small anchovies earrings, with their flashing silver light, are a precious ally.

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