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Piano Mini Bag in black, white plexiglas and long black shoulder strap
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Black and white is the most classic of the color combinations, it is hypnotic, optical, it is the opposite of the other: the dazzling white and the ink black.

The starting point to combine these two non-colors comes from the world of music and the result is absolute, rigorous, of extreme elegance .

The impeccable Piano Bag , in laser-cut Plexiglas and rigorously folded by hand, is not just a long shoulder clutch in which to enclose the bare essentials.

But it is a vision in music, an invitation to face the evening armed only with a smile and with a 3D keyboard .

Are you bold and visionary? Add earrings and the Piano Gattacci necklace to your wishlist. A true example of intriguing chromatic bipolarism.

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